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If you have any problems with your PV port, please contact us.

Sonnenuntergang auf Solarmodulen

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How long does it take to assemble the PV port?

it takes three hours for two people

How much yield does the PV port deliver?

In an optimal location without shade, the PV port delivers 3000 kWh per year

​In which direction does the PV port have to be aligned?

​The annual yield is independent of the orientation of the PV port. Because of the V shape, the other side compensates for the weak side.

How much space does the PV port require?

​The PV port requires a footprint of 2.5m x 3.5m and offers a shelter of 3.5m x 4.2m.

Wie lang ist die Lebensdauer des Systems?

The modules should last up to 25 years, while the remaining electronics should not cause any problems for up to 10 years. The warranty for Victron devices is 5 years and for the battery even 8 years. The modules can also be returned after 25 years if the performance is less than 80% of the nominal performance.

​How much energy does the inverter provide?

The inverter can produce 3 kW, which corresponds to a fully used electric stove, 6 washing machines, 2 fully automatic coffee machines and can even operate a heat pump or air conditioning system (2 KW) (

​What maximum performance can be achieved, even for a short period of time?

Peak loads of 5500 W

What maximum performance can be achieved, even for a short period of time?

2.4 or 4.8 kWh the average consumption per day is 6.4 kWh per capita.

​What maximum performance can be achieved, even for a short period of time?

25 A and up to a minute also 89 A, which corresponds to a continuous output of 1200 W.

​How far can I become independent per year?

According to the HTW Berlin solar calculator, a self-sufficiency of 58% (2.4 kWh) or 70% (4.8 kWh) can be achieved per year 3.0&b=4.8

​How far can I become independent per year?

​According to the HTW Berlin independence calculator, a two-person household can use 49% to 60% (4.8 kWh) of the electricity produced themselves.

​How much money can I save per year?

​Assuming that a two-person household pays 1,000 euros per year on the electricity bill, they can save 580 euros to 700 euros.

​Is the PV port lit?

The lighting system is currently still being developed

​Does the PV port need to be checked regularly?

If the PV port has a plug, it must be checked just like all other portable devices.

The FI switch must also be checked according to the guidelines for all FIs.

​What happens if there are shadows on the system?

Shadows can quickly bring the system to a halt. Modules that are only partially in the shade can cover the entire strand (side) and the system produces a maximum of 600 watts in the shade

Was passiert mit der Batterie bei niedrigen Temperaturen?

Der Betrieb ist laut Hersteller von 0 °C bis 50 °C möglich, eine Lagerung ist sogar von -20 °C bis 60 °C problemlos möglich

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